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Grab the Card...

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Get as much as 14% discount from prepaid load products!


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Keep on using CLICKALOAD� and you'll receive exciting premium items!


CLICKALOAD to Ease and Convenience: Loading a cell phone account with pre-paid credits has reached new heights of convenience. Buy, Send and Share loads in the comforts of your own home, at work, in school, or in the mall...virtually anywhere! And the choice is yours too when it comes to how you want to receive or send load: mobile-to-mobile, PC-to-mobile, or PC-to-PC! Plus, our POS Ultimate Virtual Loading Zone is so easy-to-use, you�ll be using it again and again and again...



Be a CLICKALOADER in Two Easy Steps:


     Purchase CLICKALOAD, the Ultimate Loading Solutions Card;


     Register via:

a.  SMS


      CLICKALOAD <space> (the 12-digit PIN found at the back of the CLICKALOAD ULTIMATE Loading Solutions Card)


      and send to:

0921-4477711 (for SMART subscribers)

0916-6450888 (for GLOBE subscribers)

0922-6270011 (for SUN subscribers)


b.   ONLINE:

     by clicking on the �Register� Button at the CLICKALOAD� website (www.clickaload.com)


Now, you have the power to solve all your loading needs! You're primed to Buy, Send and Share load to your various prepaid accounts (cell phone, internet, online gaming, prepaid landline, etc.) or to your family or friend's accounts.



The Ultimate Loading Solutions Gateway.



CLICKALOAD is an innovation from ADI Telecom. Copyright 2006.


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